Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mabel Lake July 19-26, 2009

This was part of Deano's and his son Nolan's holidays at Mabel Lake Resort & Airpark, BC http://www.mabellakeresort.com/ - approx. 30km's east of Enderby, BC we have friends Larry & Brenda who have a place out at the resort and we were fortunate enough to be able to go out there and stay with them. We left late on Saturday July 18 and arrived at 5:30am Sunday July 19. Nolan and I went on a bunch of rides together up the mountains on logging roads, went up to the top of the mountain to the lookout point and as far as Frog Falls (3 Valley Gaps) privately owned and operated electric system - where Nolan had a little wipeout check out the video amd road rash, we put on approx. 575km on Nolan's dirt bike - a Kawasaki KX250F and Deano borrowed his brothers Yamaha Rubicon 600 Quad, there were unfortunately some forest fires right near Kelowna and people had to be evacuated but no fires near us but we did smell the smoke for a few days, there was a couple of days that the weather for a few hours turned nasty, the winds came up and the water had whitescaps - a lot of the people there had said this was the worst they had seen at Mabel Lake, check out the boat that sunk - it was moored but the water came over the boat and she went down other than that it was a great holiday - I got to hang out with my son and we had some good times - NOLAN - I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU - we came home on Sunday July 26, Nolan left again though July 31 - August 7 to go back to Mabel Lake to hang out with his buddies.

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