Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alberta Cancer Foundation’s The Underwear Affair June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009 Edge Entertainment was honored to be a part of this great cause "Alberta Cancer Foundation’s The Underwear Affair" we provided Temporary Airbrush Tattoos for whoever wanted them and some very fun Interactive Walkaround Magic by Deano the Magic Man. The day started out with snow and then rain - can you belive it (well it is Calgary so anything goes as far as the weather) the races didn't start until 6pm by then the sun was shining the snow melted the rain stopped but it was still chilly for the participants who were in great spirits, there was 1244 racers / walkers who raised an amazing $850,000 in pledges (way to go).

Alberta Cancer Foundation’s The Underwear Affair
is a 10K Race & 5K Walk to uncover cures for cancers below the waist at the Alberta Cancer Foundation. It’s a refreshing, new approach to raise funds for cancers that would otherwise be taboo to discuss. These are the very diseases that have been labeled “unsexy” or “awkward” and have perhaps been less funded as such. Now is the time to erase those labels and give these cancers the awareness, research, and care they truly require. We are hosting pre-race and postrace activities of the event at the Calgary Stampede Roundup Centre on Saturday, June 6, 2009 in Calgary, Alberta. The pre-race activities include a participant registration area and race expo with interactive and entertaining vendor booths. The Underwear Affair will lift that taboo by offering a context in which the participants, donors, and partners will be able to discuss and raise money for cancers below the waist without feeling “awkward.” By making the event fun, sexy, and young, it will reach out to audiences who may not have ever fundraised before. In doing so, the Alberta Cancer Foundation will introduce Calgary to a new generation of fundraising, as well as increase awareness of cancers that often lack attention in the community.
“Underwear Cancers”
•prostate cancer
•colo-rectal cancer
•uterine cancer
•bladder cancer
•kidney caner
•cervical cancer
•ovarian cancer
•testicular cancer
Underwear Affair EXPOsed
The Underwear Affair EXPOsed party includes the following elements of the event: participant registration, vendor booths, DJ music, event announcements, race results and the pre-race and post-race parties. We are offering vendors a complimentary booth in exchange for exhibiting the company and providing the participants with a sample of product or an opportunity to win a prize. In order for our booths to comply with the spirit of the event we are looking for vendors who are fun and interactive. The excitement of the Finish Line of the 5K Walk and 10K Run will help kick off the after-party. Vendor booths will remain open throughout the race and the party. The Underwear Affair is a fun atmosphere for all participants, while maintaining a focus on the primary reason for the event – creating awareness for cancers below the waist and raising funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.
10k Race and 5k Walk
The two races occur simultaneously with a similar route. The 10K Race will begin earlier than the 5K Walk to schedule all participants to arrive back for the post-party at approximately the same time. We want the public to take notice of more than 1240 people running and walking in their underwear and other costumes. This “spectacle” will help the community take notice and consider cancers below the waist. This event will help drive conversation about these cancers into the public domain.

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